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Durability since over a century

Since the establishment of the “Spedition Bünten” over 100 years ago, we are able to access on a big treasure trove of experience, from which our clients benefits.
On the 31th of May 1901 Martin Bünten coins our company. After 1920 where the first truck finds the way to our company it increases nowadays to a number of 34 vehicles all be in used for our clients.

Expansion of the offer to transport furniture

Hans Bünten, at the age of 28, takes over the management of the company.

A specialization of paper and corrugated - transport took places.

Since then the “Spedition Bünten” proves on international transport.

Hans Georg Fischer became managing director.

100 year celebration

Our repair shop expanded with new test facilities

New warehouse was built

Petra Fischer (niece of Hans Bünten) and Theo Breuer became managing director and firm owner as well

2011 Hans Georg Fischer retired from operative business.

Up-to-date there are a staff of 45 people, which arrange that the success story carry on.

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